Lot #10

Mike Lloyd

Consignor Bio

Sex: Female
Color: Black and White
Registration Organization: American Border Collie Association Inc.
Registration Number: 463806
Date of Birth: 1/14/2018
Age in Years (Grade):
VIDEO | Tina

Tina is a 5-year-old ABCA papered Border Collie female that is intacted. I have owned Tina since she was 8 weeks old. This has been one of my number one go to dogs. I have raised one litter of pups out of her, and those pups made great working dogs. Tina is a very easy dog to handle she has a sweet demeanor, with a very sharp sense to read the job at hand and adjust without having to be micromanaged. She has all the commands that you want on a ranch dog and the resume to go with it. She has worked and gathered fresh weaned calves to pairs, whether they are newborn calves or aged calves on the cow's side. She can work an alley for you or gather pens to ship trucks. Take her out in the pasture and send her off the truck and drive to the gate and she will gather everything and bring it to you without a problem. She will work from a horse a foot or off a side by side or four-wheeler. She knows how to load up and will stay where you put her. She works great with other dogs or can be worked by herself. She will bite a face or a hind leg. You can gather with her or drive cattle with her. She has been worked on goats, sheep, and cattle. She is great with kids, is a very easy keeper, has always been very loyal, and is very friendly. Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to come out and watch me work her before the sale.
She has a few broken teeth from the past 5 years of being used on the ranch. This does not affect the way she eats or works.
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