Lot #20

Trase Johnson

Consignor Bio

Sex: Female
Color: Black and White
Registration Organization:
Registration Number:
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 2

Dot is a two year old female grade border collie. She comes from a long line of working dogs that have worked for a living. She is absolutely no exception to her past ancestors. She has huge shoes to fill and she is growing into them everyday. Dot is a finished ranch dog. She has been used outside in big country to gather yearlings and pairs. She has a huge amount of travel and stamina. When Dot is in shape you will saddle two good saddle horses before she is tired. Dot has a huge heart and has never quit me one time. She has saved the day on so many accounts. I use her in the feedlot everyday. She will work in a corral just as well as she does in big country. Dot has an extremely clean hard bite. She bites a back leg, front leg and a nose. She works from horseback, side by side, pickup, or a foot. She has many commands including all of the general working commands. She is also trained on a full set of whistles. Dot is equipped to be a top hand in any program or on any ranch. That is her working resume, but she also comes with a full family resume too. She is completely house broke, and kennel broke as well. She loves riding in the pickup no matter where you are going, she is always ready to be by your side. Dot loads and unloads on command. She gets along with other dogs well. Also, she will work with other dogs or by herself. Dot loves her family and is a very loyal family dog. There is not a situation that Dot wouldn't be an asset to any program or operation. I am looking forward to getting to answer any questions and share Dot with everyone. If there is anything specific that you would like to know please give me a call at 307-680-9988. Thank you.
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