Mr Black Shimmer

HIP #60

RJ Horses Ryan & Jessie Harrington

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On Scale of 1-10 = 3
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Sex: Gelding
Color: Grulla with blanket
Height: 15.2
Weight: 1200
Registration Status: Other :ApHC Appaloosa
Registration Number: 686360
Date of Birth: 07/12/2018
Age in Years (Grade):
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DESCRIPTION | Mr Black Shimmer
Wilson is a super nice, laid back ranch horse that we have owned for 3 years. He has been used for every aspect of ranch work. He has drug tons of calves to the fire, tagged hundreds of calves outside in the pasture and doctored everything from yearlings to cows. He has seen thousands of miles of rough country from sage brush to down timber in the mountains. Wilson is sure footed and will go anywhere you ask him- difficult creek crossings, to bridges and bogs, he won’t hesitate. Wilson has a laid back easy going personality and would be plum happy to just plod along down the trail if that’s what you wish to do. He doesn’t need rode everyday to stay quiet. He’s been hauled to town to many ranch roping’s, doctoring’s, and trail competitions and doesn’t get bothered in new places. We have even had total beginner ropers on him and he’s a wonderful horse to learn on. Wilson is an easy ride, just point him and he goes. He’s not lonely or buddy sour and he has smooth gaits. He’s been used at the sale barn and is easy to work gates on, use a flag off of and is not going to get bothered if crowed in a tight situation with cattle. Wilson picks up his leads, moves off a leg, side passes, pivots, haunches in, has a nice smooth stop and backs up easily. He tracks and rates cattle well and is real fun to rope on. He’s never been out of the box but he could make a nice rope prospect also. Wilson is friendly and easy to catch, good to shoe and stands tied quietly. Whether you’re looking for a solid ranch mount, an experienced trail horse or something to take to the roping pen, Wilson is sure to catch eyes wherever he goes. We surely wouldn’t have kept him for 3 years if he wasn’t a good one!! FMI Call Jessie 406-671-1884 Or Ryan 307-752-0602
BLEMISHES | Mr Black Shimmer
He has a few small scars/bumps on his front legs, nothing huge or of any concern. Pictures available. He’s always been sound!
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